1. Four Corners

From the recording Savage Pilgrims

Matt Hill : Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, banjo, percussion

Sam Lench : Percussion, electric guitar, vocals


Four Corners
AKA damnation, ruination, education and salvation

If you ever go down Radford
there's a crossroads near the old Players works
There used to be a pub, a pawnbrokers, a school and a church
And our Nana used to say at those four destinations
Lay Damnation, Ruination, Education or Salvation
Each corner would lead you to a different fate
but the choice? Well that was yours to take

Down the cellar, close to hell
Amongst the barrels, demons dwell
There they wait, to claim your soul
If you're soaked in the ale or down in the coal hole
If that's the choice you make – your damnation awaits

Above the doorway , three balls of bait
That lure the debtor to his fate
He's got no backbone got no spine
Just hungry children and desperate eyes
If that's the choice you make – your ruination awaits

Here on the crossroads we live and work
By the boozer and the broker, the schoolhouse and the church
One on each corner, for every occasion
Damnation, Ruination, Education and Salvation
Which corner seals your fate? Well that's the choice you've got to make

I'm a working man yet I burn with shame
When I leave my cross where others write their name
Don't be mistaken, I'm no fool
I make sure my children go to school
And that's the choice I make their education awaits

On these four corners we live and die
There's only one way to get out alive
Through blood and fire you'll find the truth
In the holy army of William Booth
If that's the choice you make – your salvation awaits