1. Chains

From the recording Savage Pilgrims

Matt Hill : Vocals, acoustic guitar, Percussion
Sam Lench : Percussion, vocals
Kirsty McGee : vocals
Mike Doward : Double Bass


When your gains have all been ill gotten
When your crimes get easily forgotten
When your empire was made from cotton
Then your fortune's made from chains

Wherever men have built their nations
you'll find prisons and plantations
you'll find walls and segregation
And you'll always find some chains

Chains Chains Chains
You're only as free as they want you to be
and all your life's in chains

It's signed in ink that never fades
It's a balance that can't be weighed
It's a debt that can never be repaid
And these are your chains


From the statues of the ancients, to the temples of the sun
And the pyramids of the Nile - inspire legends, myths and songs

That tell how Gods and Giants hauled these stones across the plains
But those tales are told by liars it was all built by chains

When this world finally goes under
In a blaze of flood and thunder
Nothing left but mud and wonder
And piles of rusted chains