From the recording Savage Pilgrims

Matt Hill : Vocals, acoustic guitar
Sam Lench : Acoustic guitar, vocals
Kirsty McGee : Flutes
Mike Doward : Double Bass, vocals


Well the sky was ripe and fit to burst
When it heard the summer lift its curse
And it felt the forest’s dying thirst
So the clouds let forth their bounty

And underneath where that storm emerged
Stood a man who knew he was not the first
To watch his life go from bad to worse
Then back from bad to better

There are silver falls in a clear blue sky
And gold lies in the rivers
So if love should rise on the winter tide
May she choose to take you with her
May she choose to take you with her

From an Eastern sky came a wiley crow
Who knew the price of the lightening show
He'd buy it high and he'd sell it low
But he could never catch the thunder

There are treasures in this beaten earth
That are both a blessing and a curse
But you'll never know what each is worth
If all you do is count your money

Because a mystery that lies unresolved
Is so full of wonder, full of soul
But one whose tale's been clipped and told
Has no mystery left to offer