1. Save your pity

From the recording Savage Pilgrims

Matt Hill Vocals, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Bass


He’ll be here soon I can feel his breath on my neck
But I don’t fear his call I don’t fear anything at all
You think I’m weak and I'm frail but I can still set my sails
Though my body has aged in my mind the seas still rage

And you men of God seem so sure you’ve got it right
But aren't you gamblers just like me?
placing bets and chasing dreams. Where were you in the war?
Out in the company of widows while I was burying their dead
on a battlefield painted red

So save your pity for yourselves cry those tears for someone else
Place your sympathies aside for I have lived
And I have never done goodbyes I always crept out with the tides
For I have lived a sailor's life and now I'm done.

And the day I die will be the same as any other day
I’ll close my eyes and think what tomorrow might bring
They're here by my bed I can hear a prayer being said
I turn my sails to the wind and I’ll be gone